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Experience 8-Bit Hockey Violence In Super Blood Hockey Beta

Remember the days of throwing down on the pixelated ice with your friends via NES, when hockey was about nothing more than making that pass, taking that shot, and punching that guy in the face?  One-man development house Loren Lemcke does, and he’s in the process of making Super Blood Hockey, a retro-style tribute to the likes of NES classics such […]

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Review – Kingdom: New Lands

It’s mid-day.  I struck out to the west on my steed before first light, making sure he was well fed before the journey.  I’ve passed the first portal.  Maybe I should turn back, I might be too far out from my stronghold, but I need to reach the western camp.

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Review – Ninja Pizza Girl

Some may say that the most tumultuous and conflicting time of your life is your teenage years, a time when you must actively begin slotting yourself into a position in society while holding back the urge to slug all of the other teenagers around you.