Greetings, and welcome to  Today we have chosen to reveal the existence of this site to the world.  Alternate Fire is a PC-gaming focused website with a preference for coverage on the indie side of the industry.

At launch, the site is currently run by me and a few friends in our spare time.  We’ve all had a passion for gaming, and sharing our gaming experiences with each other, since childhood.  Even though we are all firmly entrenched in adult lives, we’ve maintained an engagement with gaming on the PC.

We feel that the “AAA” games industry receives enough attention from larger publications, and whether accidentally or on purpose, we each have been early adopters  of various wildly successful indie titles over the past few years.

Software such as Minecraft and Super Meat Boy have blazed a trail and enabled scores of indie-produced games to bring back an amazing element of the early days of gaming; small teams of one person, or just a few people, making something on a mothball budget which connects with millions of people, with little or no help from the industry elite.  It’s an inspirational time for many gamers, the market is being flooded with products borne of love, and I hope that our readers will come to enjoy us as an entertaining and trustworthy source for gaming news, reviews, and other media content produced in that spirit.

Please bear with us as the site continues to grow and evolve over the next few months.  Enjoy our maiden review – a write up of the recently released Trine 3.

Welcome again, and stay tuned for more content over the next few weeks.

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