Sergey Galyonkin, creator of admittedly-flawed Steam stat tool Steam Spy, recently posted on Twitter a list of six games which have sold over one million copies so far in 2015.  Indie game Rocket League and Early Access title Besiege are on the list along with heavy hitters such as GTA V and H1Z1. 

Also on the list is Ark:  Survival Evolved, which I’m not sure should be considered an indie title or not.  If you read our recent editorial on what it means to be indie these days, you know that I theorize “indie” is very closely linked to creative freedom.  Ark is being developed by four different studios, according to its Steam page, and being published by Studio Wildcard, and Studio Wildcard has not disclosed what additional funding sources they have beyond Early Access, so who knows how many cooks are in the kitchen there?  Either way, the top selling PC games on Steam this year are either half indie or one-third indie and that’s pretty cool.

Thanks, PC Gamer.

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