It’s kind of funny how one’s perspective shifts.  When someone buys a new car, suddenly they see that model of car everywhere they go.  Ever since this website got started up, all I see is “indie” stuff.

This interesting promotion from GOG just dropped into my inbox today.  Pay 3 bucks American, and you get a random indie game!  According to the FAQ on GOG, every game you may receive will be valued somewhere between $9.99 and $44.99, so it’s supposedly always a good deal.  If you get a game you already own (presumably only through GOG), the copy is giftable.  Interesting concept.

If gambling isn’t your forte, GOG is also running deep discounts on many notable indie games right now, including 33% off the recently released and critically acclaimed Kerbal Space Program.  Go to GOG homie, they’ll hook you up.

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