Since you folks are coming to a site about indie gaming, I’m assuming you already know about Braid.  If you don’t, you’re missing out on one of the most gorgeous puzzle-platformers this side of the new millennium.  It’s challenging too; honestly I never finished it because I’m too stupid.

In a mission to ensure that I don’t forget how stupid I am, Braid designer/programmer Jonathon Blow has been involved in the development of a new project since 2010, The Witness.  It’s a bit of departure from his previous hit, being a first person exploration/puzzle game which takes place on a colorful island.  The Witness was also developed by  a larger team, and according to several recent interviews with Blow, game length for those completion-ists out there has ballooned up to a massive estimate of between 80 to 100 hours.

The game world looks colorful and imaginative, which for my personal tastes is enough to capture my initial interest.  Will The Witness live up to the fervor that proceeded Braid’s release?  We’ll find out when The Witness goes live on January 26th, 2016.

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