Even as the present state of Indie gaming ushers in an era of unprecedented creative freedom for producers of electronic media, Shiny Entertainment was a beacon of imaginative and eclectic game design long before Kickstarter allowed modern day developers to connect directly with their audience of weirdos.  Somehow, the guys at Shiny managed to convince their publishing execs to let them get away with insane things.  Third person shooter featuring a six legged robot dog and armored janitor?  Ship it.  British space marine aliens and topless mermaids, versus giant cannibalistic Kaiju monster?  Green-lit.

One of the developers behind two of these creations, Nick Bruty, has formed Rogue Rocket Games, and their first major project titled First Wonder, a spiritual successor to elements of MDK and Giants:  Citizen Kabuto, has hit Kickstarter.

Being a huge fan of both games which lend inspiration to this project, this announcement causes me to have to change my pants.  There’s some gameplay in the pitch video posted below.  While it looks like a very early build, I’m hesitant to call it a spiritual successor to Giants.  I feel like I can go ahead and call it a remake, which is not necessarily a bad thing at all.  Hopefully Mr. Bruty can show those guys over at Turtle Rock how to pull off asymmetric giant monster combat a bit more successfully.

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