Up until now, I’ve written features on this site pertaining mostly to titles I had heard about prior to launch.  A lot of the developers of the covered games have connections to prior projects, or creative studios, that I’m already familiar with.  Today, I am getting in the true indie spirit and breaking that pattern.  Today, I just plain stumbled across a game I had never heard of before, made by some folks I’m not familiar with, Disparity Games, and it looks very unique.

Ninja Pizza Girl purports to feature familiar platforming gameplay elements, but serves them up via a teenage female protagonist who is not only battling the average pizza-delivery rate, but is also involved in serious struggles with other teenagers who are engaged in bullying.

High-rise side-scrolling parkour served up with some honest, positive social commentary sounds interesting to me.  Also, we definitely can use some more games with non-sexualized heroines at the forefront.  I think this one is worth taking a look at.

Ninja Pizza Girl released today, 9/30/2015 and is available on Steam as well as many other non-PC platforms.

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