Cough… uh, right.  Objectivity.  Journalistic integrity, and all that.

If the opening soul-rending cry of anguish wasn’t enough of an indication, be rest assured that I quite enjoyed Banner Saga and am very much looking forward to its follow up, Banner Saga 2.  Previous expectations for the game’s release were set for late this year, but dire portents from Eurogamer imply that the game may not see release until the year of our Varl Lord, 2016.

An update to the story posted 11/09/2015 which states “We will update everyone on its launch date when the timing is right,” could be construed to mean that the perceived delay is not yet certain, but that could be overzealous optimism on my part.  Either way, the exact release date of the game is certainly in question.

The first Banner Saga was an amazing evolution of Oregon Trail-style gameplay (if that doesn’t sound cool, just play it and see what I mean, it’s awesome), served up with “Choose Your Own Adventure”-novel filling, with a heaping side of unique turn-based grid combat.  The writing in the game is superb and many players will find themselves screaming at the monitor in much the same way viewers of Game of Thrones scream at their televisions.  Banner Saga is not afraid to pull some Red Weddings on the unsuspecting populace.

Gamers should keep their eyes peeled for Banner Saga 2, and while they wait, hop over to the new kickstarter for a Banner Saga board game, or play the first game which is now also being ported to consoles, so now there is truly no excuse to miss it.

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