If any of our readers live on the eastern coast of the great States which are United in North America, they know that this may be Christmas Day but is sure as hell doesn’t feel like it..  This year, the term White Christmas refers not to the weather but to the pasty, pale complexions of my Caucasian family members. 

Luckily, this did not dampen the spirit and imagination of the Vlambeer, the developers of Nuclear Throne, an excellent twin-stick shooter with roguelike elements, which recently mutated from an Early Access title to a full grown release.  Players of Nuclear Throne who start up the game today will notice chunks of ice flying out from the familiar twisting portal which is the game’s menu background, and will be treated to a gentle but steady snow storm when starting up a new round of play.

With the Steam Winter Sale in full swing, what better time to treat oneself to a holiday gift?  Nothing says holiday cheer and Christmas spirit like mowing down legions of mutants, robots, and mutant-robots in a hostile and unforgiving roguelike action format.  If my off the cuff recommendation isn’t enough, an appropriately verbose synopsis in the format of a full review of Nuclear Throne is impending.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from Alternate Fire!

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