As far as gameplay styles go, deck-building and city-planning are fairly hot items at the moment.  The tabletop gaming space is flooding with games inspired by Dominion‘s style, and many PC gaming publications are currently declaring Cities: Skylines one of the best games of 2015.    Developer Cole Powered Games seeks to combine the two with Concrete Jungle, a strategic puzzler which was released in September.  Yes, this review is very overdue.

With that and the appropriate apologies to the developer being said, I embarked upon my review of Concrete Jungle via a new Alternate Fire video series – Video Viewpoint.  Come watch as friends and I play through Concrete Jungle’s main offerings and ultimately come to a conclusion on whether or not it truly is a concrete investment.  Yuk, yuk, yuk!

If there’s some impatient types out there who don’t appreciate the finer aspects of film, our traditional rating of the game is included below the video.


Pull The Trigger:  Worth Your Time

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