Way back in November, 2015, I wrote a long, heart-felt post related to events in my personal life.  In that post, I asserted the value of video games as a pastime, and made a declaration that my hobby,  and this website, were to continue unabated.  I then posted a few features, a long overdue review, and proceeded to screw off for eight months.

Well, I didn’t exactly screw off.  I spent a lot of time with family, which culminated in the birth of a baby daughter in May of this year.  I finished up a semester of school in preparation for a fall break after the birth of my child.  I kept playing video games, though I didn’t write much down about them.  In addition to all of the aforementioned activities, the independent nature of this site is a great potential excuse.  It has essentially been, and will remain for the foreseeable future, a pet project issued forth from the creative drive of myself and a few friends.  The site is as “indie” as the games it covers, if not more so.  Obviously I’m not earning a cent off of this, and the ability to operate effectively depends somewhat on the generosity of the development and publishing representatives of the indie gaming world.   One may imagine that such an arrangement would be easy to let slip.  I could hammer down this excuse regarding the abandonment of Alternate Fire, and it might be quite adequate, but it is also now irrelevant; because I’m keeping the website going.  For real this time.

First order of business is to finish the reviews of two games which should have been done long ago, Rebel Galaxy and Nuclear Throne.  Both are great pieces of independent development and worth your time.  Click on either title to view the review, and if you haven’t bought them already, don’t wait for the next sale to get them!

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