Colorful, imaginative family-friendly platformer The Adventure Pals has materialized on Kickstarter.  Developed by indie studio Massive Monster, The Adventure Pals is a commercially polished extrapolation of a past free title,  Super Adventure Pals, and has purportedly already been in development for three years.  Now, Massive Monster is seeking capital to fund a full release.

Gamers have become understandably wary of crowdfunding, but The Adventure Pals already looks considerably well constructed.  A local co-op mode is to be included, and gaming content should add up past the 10 hour mark.  The preview video shows a game sporting a whimsical art style, smooth animation, and a world filled with “zombie pirate cats, post-apocalyptic dinosaurs, and hot dogs that poop explosive mines.”  Also, there is a giraffe.

The price of admission starts at about $11 American.  Considering that the game is supposedly already mostly finished, and that our reader(s?) probably spend more on lunch at Chipotle (you just have to have that extra guac), I’d say it’s a reasonable investment.  The campaign is running until August 27th, 2016 and at the time of this writing, the project is nearly halfway to its target of $28,190.  If bonkers, giraffe-assisted adventure is your thing, head on over and order some hot dogs with extra combustible excrement.

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