Last year, Kingdom, a “2D side-scrolling strategy/resource management hybrid,” was released.  It was co-developed by developers Noio and Licorice and published by Raw Fury Games, all of hardy indie stock.  Now, Kingdom:  New Lands will replace Kingdom as the game’s definitive version.  New Lands is essentially a free content update/expansion for Kingdom, but it will also replace digital store listings for the original game.  Fear not, lovers of the original game!  Kingdom:  Classic will still be available within New Lands as a separate game mode.

I’m still plowing my way through New Lands in preparation for an upcoming review, and although I didn’t play vanilla Kingdom, I have been able to glean that New Lands adds quite a bit of content to the base game.  My understanding of the original Kingdom is that there is only one map, and once a player meets the end game condition, it’s more or less over.  New Lands adds the ability, and necessity, of leaving the first foothold behind and striking out for bigger pastures.  Beyond the addition of several new islands and a more staggered approach to progression within the game, New Lands also adds dozens of gameplay changes and additions, including new mounts, new units, new buildings, and alterations to original items from each of those categories.

The original Kingdom is currently on sale on Steam for 15% off, so now would be a great time to grab the base game, play around with it a bit tonight to get the hang of things, and then get the free update tomorrow.  The review will be up a little later this week, but I’m already finding the game to be enjoyable and addicting, so I recommend grabbing it.

Kingdom:  New Lands releases tomorrow, 8/9/2016


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