No Man’s Sky may be a game which truly needs no introduction.  If you do need an introduction, I can only ask:  where the hell have you been?  Developed by Hello Games, No Man’s Sky is arguably the big daddy of the current indie video game generation.  No Man’s Sky has been anticipated with rabid fervor since its announcement in 2014, and expectations have only grown since, with the game receiving nearly constant mainstream press coverage throughout its development cycle; a rare feat for an independently developed title.

From its inception, No Man’s Sky has been ambitious with its aims, touting a near infinite, open universe manufactured by procedural generation.  Trailers have shown gameplay elements from the galactic to the granular, featuring everything from epic spaceship battles to seamless landings on alien planets, followed by on foot exploration in search of crafting and trade materials.  Already the ambition of the project seems to be raising some concerns with the release, with Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray speculating on the game’s reception with some players who may not have their expectations grounded in reality, saying No Man’s Sky is a “niche game” which “might not be for everyone,” even extrapolating with “I expect it to be super divisive.”

Something tells me even with possible anti-hype backlash, No Man’s Sky is going to be very successful, and a landmark title for the indie gaming world.

The official release of No Man’s Sky faces the hype gauntlet tomorrow, 8/9/2016.

Thanks, PC Gamer.

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