The kingdom of Armello is going to get a little bit more crowded later this month.  Developer League of Geeks is launching the first bonafide DLC pack for their anthropomorphic regicidal epic.  The DLC, titled Usurpers, contains four new characers and four new stat-boosting clan rings to wear into battle.

Each character is assigned to one of the existing four clans, and League of Geeks intends each character to encourage experimentation with how players use their characters and approach victory.  Magna, of the Wolf Clan, is strictly combat focused.  Elyssia, of the Rabbit Clan, has a specific focus on economic strength and manipulation.  Ghor, of the Bear Clan, uses his magic to interact with forest tiles in new and interesting ways.  Sargon, of the Rat Clan, has the unique ability to peak at cards before being drawn.

For those who haven’t experienced it, Armello is an extremely well executed digital board game, which pits four players against each other in the task of toppling the blighted and increasingly mad king of their land.  Players use a variety of cards, stat boosting rings and amulets, and inherent character abilities to achieve victory through a variety of win conditions.  The art style is sublime and has been compared to classic styles such as Disney and Hayao Miyazaki, while the themes present in the game have invited comparisons to the type of royal intrigue that occurs in medieval dramas like Game of Thrones.  Woefully, we have yet to review Armello, though the Wylds whisper that such a feature may be forthcoming to accompany the Usurpers release.

The Usurpers DLC releases 8/30/2016.  Check out the thematic trailer below.

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