Remember the days of throwing down on the pixelated ice with your friends via NES, when hockey was about nothing more than making that pass, taking that shot, and punching that guy in the face?  One-man development house Loren Lemcke does, and he’s in the process of making Super Blood Hockey, a retro-style tribute to the likes of NES classics such as Blades of Steel, and the creatively named Ice Hockey.  Now, as then, the game of hockey has been distilled into a pure form of pass-and-shoot, and of course, a straightforward and brutal fighting system.

If you pine for those bygone days, go download the Super Blood Hockey beta and relive the glory day of ice, blades and blood… lots and lots of blood.  If you missed that particular golden age of sports gaming, go get it anyway and find out what you’ve been missing, and be glad that you don’t live in a generation where you have to put in the “blood code.”

Currently, the beta features are limited to a self-contained offline exhibition mode, but it is possible to have a competitive game with local players via controllers, and the gameplay feels polished and stable. Planned features include but are not limited to: unique players with their own names, stats, bios and performance, players of varying sizes, a career mode, online multiplayer, a replay feature, and more.  Beta players are encouraged to offer their feedback and suggestions to the developer here.

Super Blood Hockey is planned for a 2016 release.

Update 8/20/16:  Corrected a very dopey misspelling of the developer’s name (Sorry Loren!)


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