Despite the fact that I can barely pull of drawing a stick figure (it’s really hard to get those straight lines on the arms and legs), I’m a sucker for interesting and impressive art when it comes to video games.  That aspect of my personality made me sit up and take particular notice when developer bitHuffel unveiled their latest project, Sinner’s Sorrow, with a reveal trailer published in late July.  The minute-long preview sports a unique artistic style shrouded in darkness and seemingly rendered entirely in grayscale and with elaborate and precise detail, giving an effect that the game is not so much being rendered as it is being drawn out in pencil and charcoal.

According to its website, Sinner’s Sorrow is with influenced by the “Metroidvania” genre and features a sinful protagonist seeking redemption by battling his inner demons.  Planned design points include a dynamic combat system, puzzle elements, and a smidge of platforming.  While Sinner’s Sorrow is still early in its development cycle, interested gamers can sign up for a newsletter subscription which will also earn them a chance at placement in upcoming alpha and beta releases.

Check out the reveal trailer below and keep an eye on this one.


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