The release of fully 3D platforming adventure games has dwindled significantly since their inception, and subsequent golden age, on the Nintendo 64.  Major publishers have shifted their focus to historical pirate assassins, angsty modern day soldiers, and marines of the interplanetary variety, while colorful worlds and whimsical cartoonish characters have been increasingly marginalized outside of Nintendo’s flagship consoles.  While some franchises still manage to carry the torch forward, many a millenial and Gen-Y’er pine for greater helpings of wacky humor and googly-eyed character design.

Development studio Playtonic Games stands ready to inject a much needed dose of looniness into the limelight with Yooka-Laylee.  Though indepdenent, Playtonic has managed to garner a considerable amount of mainstream interest in their work, due largely in part to their esteemed Rare alumni, and also due in no small amount to the polished quality and eye-popping visuals of their game.  Most recently, they’ve teased an impressive amount of progress with an expanded trailer at Gamescom last week.

In June, Playtonic announced a delay into Q1 2017 for release, which was contrary to their Kickstarter plan, but it appears to be time well spent from what’s on display in the trailer, and positive word of mouth regarding the Kickstarer-exclusive Toybox mode. Will Yooka-Laylee succeed in recapturing the magic of the late 90’s?  Check out the trailer below and make your own prediction.


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