Psyonix announced today that not only will their September update add an entire spanking-new game mode to Rocket League, but it will also feature several free PAX/Penny Arcade-themed garage items.  Preview shots in the announcement show off some spiffy, colorful new flags sporting various Penny Arcade logos.  However, most exciting for me is the arrival of swag related to Div, Penny Arcade’s inebriated sentient/belligerent obsolete player of DivX discs (they’re hewn cold from the bones of the stillborn, don’t you know).

Also coming in the same update is the previously revealed Rumble mode, an item-centric take on the Rocket League formula which brings a slew of Mario Kart-esque power-ups to the standard Soccar match.  The ten new power-ups introduce all sorts of strategic and skill-based options for players to leverage in the quest to make goals.  Of course, there has to be the obligatory overpowered item which just generally screws everything up, and so the Tornado power-up is a thing.

Well… that escalated quickly.

I’ve already sunk entirely too many hours into Rocket League, and Psyonix continues to do an exceedingly good job of expanding the game and sustaining its longevity.  The September update seems poised to suck up even more personal lives with its cyclonic addition.  Check out the trailer below.

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