Renowned designer Vital Lacerda’s newest title, Lisboa, has just recently finished production and is about to begin shipping to backers worldwide. Published by Eagle-Gryphon Games, this latest entry in its library revolves around the reconstruction of the titular city after an incredible series of natural disasters in 1755 left the city in ruins. The Kickstarter campaign generated just over $400,000 dollars worldwide, reaching every available stretch goal.  The game has only had a comparatively small one month delay thus far, but this was enough to leave backers eagerly awaiting their copies’ arrivals in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately for European residents, as well as backers in Norway, Israel, and South America, their wait has just been extended significantly according to the latest update on the Lisboa Kickstarter page. It seems fate has taken a page from the game’s subject material, and a fire at the production factory has destroyed all copies of Lisboa bound for those countries outside of North America. Although there were no earthquakes or tsunamis involved this time, fire is more than enough for thousands of game copies, and dollars, to quite literally go up in smoke.

Eagle-Gryphon Games has already stated that a replacement shipment of Lisboa copies will be sent directly from the US to fulfill orders overseas, but with the catch that those copies will have to be shipped in bulk to distributors who will then reship the games to their final destinations. Although direct delivery from the US to the individual backers could be a much faster method of fulfillment, packages sent this way would incur import taxes and customs fees for each recipient, significantly adding to the title’s cost.

When hundreds of copies of a game about rebuilding a city destroyed by fire are literally destroyed in a fire, we arrive at a terrible irony. At least backers dealing with this extra wait time will, eventually, receive a title which looks to be worth the wait. Based on a limited number of advanced copies obtained by attendees at the Origins Game Fair last month and their feedback, the game is both wonderfully produced, as is typical with EGG, and a joy to play, as is typical of Mr. Lacerda. The real irony of this whole situation is that, when this game finally reaches backers worldwide in the next couple of months, it will still deliver with much less delay than most other board game Kickstarter projects.

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