Ah, Halloween!  The candy.  The costumes.  The parties.  The mutant, monster football players beating each other to a bloody pulp on the football field.  That’s right trick-or-treaters, this All Hallow’s Eve will be marked by the official launch of Mutant Football League, a modern successor to the decades old 16-bit arcade football title.

It’s been a fairly long time coming; Mutant Football League first showed up on Kickstarter four years ago.  While that campaign failed, a second effort earlier this year was succesful and enabled indie developer Digital Dreams Entertainment to complete work on the game.  The title entered Early Access on Steam in late September, and shortly thereafter, a playable demo was released, which is somewhat of a rarity in the present day PC gaming market.

I’ve tried out the demo, and it shows off polish and a lot of potential.  I say “potential”  because I didn’t play it as much as I might have liked to, and this is mainly because the game is a lot more “football-y” than I expected.  As I recall, the original Mutant Football League game, and most sports games of the “bit” era, were heavy on the arcade feel and required little knowledge of the actual sport.  While the new Mutant Football League would be right at home in a turn-of-the-century coin operated cabinet, it incorporates a healthy helping of legit sports strategy.  Players are required to select defensive and offensive plays, and have the option of customizing their team line-ups, among other things.  This is a slight barrier to entry for me, as I know fark-all about sports.  However, these more serious elements are heavily balanced out by plenty of gutter humor, buzz saws, and bloody, flying body parts, so the true mutant spirit is well intact.  I can see myself playing the demo more until the official release, that is, once I Google exactly what a wide receiver is.

Look for the release of Mutant Football League on Steam on Halloween, October 31st, 2017, or head on over now to grab the game while it’s still in Early Access, or to download the demo.

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