Like a starship destroyer dropping on top of us from a warpgate, Boardcubator has fired into our inboxes a photo torpedo loaded with a sweet nugget of info about the first expansion to Space Race: The Card Game, the extremely clever card game covered in our very first tabletop-focused podcast.  While Space Race: The Card Game has no such things as warpgates or photon torpedoes since the game focuses on a more realistic technological scale, the game is chock full of interesting gameplay mechanics while maintaining a minimal footprint both on the table and the shelf.

Launching on Kickstarter on November 14th, the Interkosmos campaign will allow backers of the original game to pick up the expansion for $25, or for new space adventurers to pick up a combo of the base game and the expansion for $63.  It is important to note that there are only 1,000 copies of the base game available for this campaign and there are no current plans to ever produce additional copies for sale at retail.  All the details about gameplay changes in the new expansion can be found in the campaign’s “About this project” section.  

 Folks, as the resident card game fan here at Alternate Fire, I highly recommend this one.  If the stars should align (pun intended) for your gaming budget, you should definitely add this one to your collection. 

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