One week ago, Decksplash, a multiplayer-only arena game featuring disembodied skateboards doing tricks and spreading paint a la Splatoon, was released on Steam for a free preview week.  The stipulation was: download and play this game, but if it doesn’t get played by 100,000 people this week, it’s not getting finished.

The scheme was hatched by developers Bossa Studios of Surgeon Simulator fame, and the announcement generated enough controversy that an explanation video was posted explaining Bossa’s intentions.  Today is the last free day, and unfortunately for Bossa and those who enjoy the game, it appears they are currently far shy of the 100,000 player goal as of the writing of this article, if SteamSpy is to be believed.

Decksplash Steamspy Last Day
SteamSpy’s data on Decksplash Free Week ownership on the morning of the last day, 11/10/2017.

It seems a bit of a shame.  I’ve downloaded and played Decksplash and it seemed fun, and worth at least a few bucks.  It’s a unique and colorful game, seems solidly executed, and it’s fun to zip around the levels pulling off tricks and spreading your team’s color.  However, I must admit I’m not sure how much time I’d actually spend playing it as a persistent go-to title when I’m looking to have some competitive fun.  I also somewhat question the wisdom of setting the goal as lofty as 100,000 people.  I understand the logic in the explanation video, but as a Bossa is an indie developer (albiet a very well known one), I imagine they have to rely a lot on word of mouth.  I personally didn’t even find out about the free week until it was already underway, and I monitor gaming news perhaps more than most in order to stay on top of this site.

Still, Decksplash is definitely worth a look, especially for free, so I encourage you to head over to Steam and check it out.

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