Now here’s a crazy announcement that I missed: Fantasy Flight Games has formed a new development division focused strictly on digital efforts called Fantasy Flight Interactive.  More interestingly, they’ve named Tim Gerritsen, a video game industry veteran from Irrational Games and Human Head Studios, to helm it.

As the announcement mentions, Mr. Gerritsen has been involved with the creation of games in the BioShock series, and PC gaming classics like the original Prey (2006) and Rune.  This sort of staffing decision seems to signal that Fantasy Flight is legitimately serious about this studio actually producing quality stuff.

For the avoidance of misunderstanding, it should be noted that Fantasy Flight Interactive is not going to be exclusively working on digital projects the companion apps, such as the one building with Mansions of Madness: Second Edition.  According to the announcement, the intention is to keep the two studios working on largely separate projects, with Fantasy Flight Games retaining focus on its tabletop products, and Fantasy Flight Interactive producing honest-to-goodness video games.  These video games, will of course, have a heavy tabletop gaming slant.  Perhaps we can expect more games like Armello, which is essentially a board game but it was designed from the ground up to played digitally.  If so, I’m down for more of that.

You can keep an eye on Fantasy Flight Interactive and what they’re up to here.

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