Alternate Fire is a labor of love, a gaming site maintained by a few people who are fans of the independent PC gaming and board gaming scenes.

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Rating System:

Pull Both Triggers: A Must Play
These games are amazingly designed and/or culturally significant.  We’re talking Library of Congress status.  You should at least own one copy of these games in order to be considered fully human.

Pull The Trigger: Worth Your Time
These games are not essential, but are… you know… fun.  You should play them.  Because we said so.

Save Your Ammo: Not Worth Your Time
These are not good games.  There are better things you could do with your time and money.  Like play games we actually recommend.

Switch To Melee: Avoid At All Costs
Objectivity is not a “thing” with these games. They are undeniably horrible and litigation for crimes against humanity may be pending to those involved with their creation, and release, unto the unsuspecting public.  You have been warned.

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