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David Werner – Editor – All posts by David Werner
“I conceived of Alternate Fire in late 2015 as a spry youngster of 31 years of age.  I created this site as an outlet of creativity for myself and my friends, and as a way of supporting the hobbies which I’ve spent so much of my life being passionate about.  I’ve been playing games on PC for as long as I can remember – I used to play ASCII and CGA graphics games on my father’s monochrome 8088 as a young child.  I continue to enjoy playing video games as an adult, and the PC is still my main method of doing so.  I also branched out into tabletop gaming over the past decade or so of my life, starting with CCG’s as my gateway drugs and graduating to board games and tabletop RPGs.  I balance these hobbies and recreations with enjoying time with my wife and toddler-age daughter.  I also very much enjoy writing, public speaking, and generally forcing my opinions on others.  As Durante Alighieri, better known as Dante, once taught us: there is a special circle of hell reserved for the sullen who waste their gifts.  Thus, we come here to write, to discuss, to have fun, and otherwise not be sullen.”

Raphael – Contributor – All posts by Raphael Caloia
“I am a 26 year old municipal planner/cartographer.  I have an amazing wife named Kate, and a black cat whose name changes every week.  I enjoy watching hockey, reading comic books, and all things Star Wars, but what I am truly passionate about is tabletop games.  I love every aspect of the hobby including board games, miniatures games, living card games, and Tabletop RPG’s.  When I am not actually playing these games, most of my free time is spent painting miniatures for Age of Sigmar, or preparing adventures for the D&D campaign I am currently running.”

Travis Perry – Contributor – All posts by Travis Perry
“I’m 34 years old, married to my loving wife for almost a decade, and proud papa to the cutest two-year old son on the planet.  While I’m not working my retail management job, I enjoy researching and playing just about everything game-related as well as spending time with my family.  On the digital side, I’m a big fan of first-person shooters, fighting games, certain MOBAs, and just about anything else that can give me satisfying multiplayer competition in relatively quick doses.  On the tabletop side, I enjoy almost every mechanism I’ve tried but I have a certain fondness for tableau/engine building, hand management, and area control titles.  Lastly, my son has recently discovered Bubble Guppies and let me tell ya, that show has some pretty legit tunes.  ‘Outside’ in particular has been in my head for weeks.”

Jason Sterner  – Contributor – All posts by Jason Sterner
“Employed in software development for 11 years, professional procrastinator for 34 years. I live in western Pennsylvania with a dog, a cat, a chinchilla, and too many unsorted Magic cards. I enjoy trying to scare myself with any horror game that looks interesting. Getting sniped from unseen locations in PUBG and subsequently punching my desk is also a good time.”

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