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Sony Announces Negotiation For Film Rights To Catan

According to a news post from Variety, Sony Pictures has announced that they are currently in talks to obtain the film rights for the Catan board game franchise.  With board game popularity on the rise, it’s of no surprise that a motion picture company is looking to capitalize by making a board game-themed movie.  And really, what better game property […]

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Decksplash Free Week Concludes Today – Looks Set To Miss 100K Player Goal

One week ago, Decksplash, a multiplayer-only arena game featuring disembodied skateboards doing tricks and spreading paint a la Splatoon, was released on Steam for a free preview week.  The stipulation was: download and play this game, but if it doesn’t get played by 100,000 people this week, it’s not getting finished. The scheme was hatched by developers Bossa Studios of […]