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Lisboa, Board Game Themed After Fiery Historical Cataclysm, Suffers Actual Fiery Cataclysm

Renowned designer Vital Lacerda’s newest title, Lisboa, has just recently finished production and is about to begin shipping to backers worldwide. Published by Eagle-Gryphon Games, this latest entry in its library revolves around the reconstruction of the titular city after an incredible series of natural disasters in 1755 left the city in ruins. The Kickstarter campaign generated just over $400,000 […]

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Alternate Fire Is Back, And Expanding Its Horizons

Guess what?  Alternate Fire is back, and now we’re going to cover tabletop games! Perhaps some explanation is in order.  As mentioned last time the site went quiet for an extended period of time, I’m a new parent.  Again, this can be a great excuse for not keeping up with the site, but my ultimate goal is to not make excuses, […]