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Review – ICEBOX: Speedgunner

If speedrunning hasn’t been enshrined universally as its own gaming genre yet, it is overdue.  Historically, the term has been applied to the general act of completing a game as quickly as possible, and the activity has been leveraged for everything from charity to straight up competitive bragging rights. 

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Review – Conarium

If you’re reading this review, H. P. Lovecraft most likely needs no introduction. If he does, use the Google machine. So, imagine living in H.P. Lovecraft’s time and having foreknowledge of his posthumous influence in the world of horror and pop culture.

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Review – Dropsy

Let it never be stated that the indie development world shies away from a little quirk. Far from it. Ok, imagine you’re a AAA-game publisher with a penchant for guns, explosions, and teenagers screaming at each other over voice chat. Now listen to this pitch: